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Residential Remolding in Redding, California

Thinking about remodeling your home? When remodeling your home in Redding, Calif. As in other locations around the world there are so many different aspects in which to chose from. Making a room look bigger and brighter is a great start for remodeling your

kitchen and making it one that you see in your dreams. Another room that many people remodel is the bathroom, to make them warmer in color or setting a theme for children young and old alike. Many people also like to put in new floor coverings to match.

Here’s what’s cooking.

When you first start looking at the room you would like to remodel, it is like being a child and looking through a catalogue at Christmas. As you look at plans to remodel your kitchen, are you thinking of a large stove, double oven and of course counter space and cabinets. The best kitchen is large, light and airy with a place to prepare food but also to be able to sit and relax with friends. This also brings to mind what style you desire. Gourmet, country kitchen or something small and comfortable.

A Gourmet kitchen brings to mind the love of food and being able to have ample room to prepare it, country kitchens are close in size but are set at an angle as to be able to look out big windows at the world outside with an old fashioned perspective. Small and comfortable kitchens are just that, very warm and cozy. Fixtures in these different styles of kitchens are all comparable in having stainless steel faucets and ceramic or tile sinks. What varies in the size of your kitchen is the availability of floor space and counter space that you desire and have available in close proximity of your existing floor plan.

Your dream bathroom.

Have you been dreaming of remodeling your bathroom and changing your fixtures? Possibly making it a bit bigger or adding a tub or shower? Creating it so that you can walk through your bathroom into a secluded laundry room? There are so many ways that you and your contractor can draw up the plans to do this and make your bathroom an oasis of sorts. There are also changes that you can make that are reasonably priced such as changing the shape of your sink and your bathtub, both are a great way to include your own personality in your remodeling project.

A wave of color.

When taking the aspect of color and paint type into consideration this is a component that you want to choose last. Color is the most versatile part of remodeling your home and can be changed even after your remodeling project is done. Take color and fabric samples with you each time you go shopping for this project so that changes can be made if needed. Warm colors are the best to use as they make a room more welcoming.

Fashionable flooring.

When you are looking for new floor coverings, find a shop that specializes in many different types such as tile, carpet and linoleum. Different types of floor covering can make your bathroom or kitchen brighter and bigger, or help to create a rustic look. Find a type that is durable and will not stain easily if something is dropped on it.


Above all, K.I.S.S.

“Keep It Simple Silly.” When you are planning and preparing to have your home remodeled, keep the project simple. Find an honest contractor that you work well with and that is willing to go out of their way to make your transition to a beautifully remodeled home a positive experience. Look at how much floor space you have available to work with, and what new things you would like to create within your home. Establish a budget and stay within it. And most of all, keep it simple and have fun with the experience.  

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