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Room Additions

Do you need more space for your growing family? Would you like an extra room where you can just sit and relax? Perhaps your answer is yes, but you don`t want to leave your current neighborhood, move away from your friends and neighbors or make your children change schools. An increasing number of homeowners are deciding to remodel with room additions rather than trading in their homes for larger houses. A room addition can provide you with more usable living space and improve your lifestyle while increasing the property value of your home.

Family rooms have made a comeback as people realize that having a large, versatile space allows family members to gather and spend time together, even if they are each doing their own thing. An entertainment room addition can also bring your family and friends together by providing you with a relaxed, informal space where you can spend quality time with one another. You could include a home gym or a wet bar in your room addition to upgrade your lifestyle even more.

The communal living areas of older homes often leave modern folks a little cramped for space. Game room additions are popular with people who need extra space for multiple gaming systems, televisions and surround sound home theater systems. You could fill your game room with pool tables, pinball machines, dartboards or ping-pong tables and have a special area where your friends and family can relax and enjoy themselves.

Adding a large master suite often tops the wish lists of homeowners. This room addition not only provides you with a serene space to relax in at the end of your workday, but it also adds to the resale value of your home. In fact, not having a master suite can drastically lower your home`s property value in today`s real estate market. Consider having your contractor add an entire floor dedicated to your master suite if you need to save yard space, maintain your home`s original structure or want to keep your landscaping efforts intact.

In general, building a kitchen or a bathroom addition brings you the highest percentage of return on your investment. Smaller room additions, such as adding a family room or an extra bedroom, consistently bring solid returns on investment, while adding a master suite typically brings good returns. If you plan on living in your home for at least five more years, you should focus more on upgrading your lifestyle rather than on building room additions just to increase property value.

Whether you are looking to add property value to your home by adding a fancy new kitchen or wanting to improve your lifestyle with a new game room with pool tables, you should thoroughly research and carefully plan your room addition project. You don`t want to suffer through weeks of disruptive construction noise and spend all of your hard-earned money only to have the finished result be a space you don`t like or need. If you take care when designing and executing a room addition, you can add property value to your home while turning it into a larger, fun-filled space for you and your family.  

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